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    All new all different avengers


    Nov 11, 2021
    All new all different avengers

    Captain america

    The New Avengers is a group of heroes formed when Kang the Conqueror wanted to conquer the 21st century. The team was formed when the New Avengers Protocol was hired.

    In their first battle against Kang, it didn’t go very well due to their lack of teamwork, but in the second battle, they already distracted the Conqueror by traveling back in time while Spidey sabotages his time machine and brings back the Avengers.

    After he won, Spider-Man was given an Avengers ID card, so he joined the Avengers as a reserve member and mentioned that Cage sent them a bill for all that work, which Iron Man had already paid for.

    Nuevos vengadores: illuminati

    Los Nuevos Vengadores[1] es un equipo ficticio de superhéroes que aparece en los cómics estadounidenses publicados por Marvel Comics. El título se ha utilizado en cuatro series de cómics estadounidenses. Las dos primeras fueron escritas por Brian Michael Bendis y mostraban una versión del principal equipo de superhéroes de Marvel, los Vengadores. La tercera fue escrita por Jonathan Hickman y mostraba a un grupo de personajes llamados los Illuminati (introducidos anteriormente en New Avengers Vol. 1 #7 [julio de 2005]). El cuarto está escrito por Al Ewing y presenta al antiguo grupo científico terrorista A.I.M., reformado como «Avengers Idea Mechanics», cuyo equipo de campo se ha apropiado del nombre «New Avengers» para sí mismo.

    Los Nuevos Vengadores es un spin-off de la larga serie de Marvel Comics Los Vengadores. El primer número, escrito por Brian Michael Bendis y dibujado por David Finch, fue fechado en enero de 2005, pero apareció en noviembre de 2004. Finch dibujó los seis primeros números y los números 11-13. Los siguientes dibujantes que han realizado varios números son Steve McNiven, Leinil Francis Yu, Billy Tan y Stuart Immonen. Al principio, la lista incluía a Luke Cage, el Capitán América, Iron Man, Spider-Man y «Spider-Woman» (Veranke). En tramos posteriores se incluyó al mutante X-Man Lobezno, al inestable y divino Centinela, y a la ninja sorda Eco, bajo la apariencia de Ronin.

    Luke cage

    Yes, Jane Foster will take the Mjolnir to become the new Thor of the Marvel Universe. Marvel Studios itself confirmed it during Comic-Con 2019, being one of the most surprising news of the event. This shocking event will take place in Thor Love and Thunder, a film that will hit theaters on February 23, 2022. Will it be Chris Hemsworth’s final farewell? Everything seems to indicate yes.

    The hero closest to Batman in the Marvel Universe is undoubtedly Moon Knight. He first appeared in Werewolf by Night# 32 during 1974, and boasts amazing skill in hand-to-hand combat. However, he is also an expert in the mastery of weapons, such as darts. Interestingly, his debut will not happen on the big screen, but through a series on the Disney+ platform. At the moment, the premiere date is unknown.

    During the D23 Expo, Marvel Studios announced that Ms. Marvel will join Disney+ with a series. Not a minor move, this is the first character of Muslim origin to boast her own comic book. In the comics, Kamala Khan takes Captain Marvel as her role model, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched for Carol Danvers to become the teenager’s mentor.

    New avengers vol 3

    The famous story of the frozen Steve Rogers is another of the most revisited and completes what is considered the great formation of The Avengers, in fact it is the first time that the so-called Marvel trinity, the basic pillars of The Avengers that, although they are not seen together as much time as it is usually thought, there will almost always be one of them hanging around the team.

    The VvX event that pitted Avengers and X-Men against each other, along with the End Times crossover, meant a new relaunch in 2013, and if the previous one had seemed great this one surpassed everything we could have imagined. Let’s keep in mind that Marvel launched two other Avengers series in 2012, one called Avengers Assembled, where Bendis and Mark Bagley gave again a celebrity lineup with Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow, in the Ultimates style or that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (let everyone take the references they want).

    The other series that was an important milestone, The Impossible Avengers, also known as the Unity Team, brought together Captain America with Kaos, Rogue, Thor, Wolverine and Scarlet Witch, directed by Rick Remender and John Cassaday. This was one of the teams that attracted the most attention and it was a series that knew how to evolve in a quite positive way, in general. This series was already part of the Marvel Now initiative and if we count the previous one we are talking about 10 Avengers series in 2013/2014.