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    Ernesto alterio las chicas del cable


    Nov 11, 2021
    Ernesto alterio las chicas del cable

    As telefonistas – anúncio netflix

    Alguien tiene que morir trae una serie de apenas 3 episodios desde España. Ambientada en la época represiva del franquismo, cuando la homosexualidad era un delito, la historia se adentra en la tragedia que rodea a una familia disfuncional. La serie está en Netflix.

    La tercera temporada de Las Chicas del Cable ha llegado a Netflix con el beneplácito de los fans de las mujeres de mentalidad fuerte que lideran este reparto en sus aventuras jabonosas. Seguir leyendo: Crítica: Las Chicas del Cable temporada 3

    Los nueve episodios de la segunda temporada de Las Chicas del Cable están disponibles en Netflix. Los nuevos episodios se abren con la Nochevieja de 1929 en Madrid, España. Las mujeres que trabajan para la compañía telefónica y los personajes que se arremolinan en torno a ellas hacen que la temporada tenga un comienzo dramático que no decae ni un segundo. Cuidado, hay algunos spoilers por delante.

    Elisa cifuentes + sebastián uribe : all of the stars {s3}

    What will corrupt people think when they see a Narcos series? Will they laugh? Will they identify with it? I’m curious… But I have no idea. There are stories of all kinds: now comes to me the case of Italy, with Roberto Saviano, and there it is clear that the mafiosi who saw Gomorrah did not feel good because he is still threatened with death. It must be that he portrayed them well.Why do you work so much with Netflix? Was it a coincidence?Netflix is now in a very privileged place and covers a lot. I guess my entry in Las chicas del cable made them see me and made it possible for me to be in Narcos. In fact they arranged everything so I could do both at the same time, and it was impossible logistics between two continents. They must have liked me (laughs).

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    Las chicas del cable: luz cipriota, signing of season 3

    For this field work the actor resorted to books, documentation, and even had interviews with Mexican people who had had contact with the corrupt DFS of the time: «This also has to be placed in a specific time, and that was part of the job. It was hard for me to understand how my character, if he is the head of the DFS, and they also had a very nationalistic feeling about Mexico, my character said that he was neither right-wing nor left-wing, but that he was Mexican, because it was the best country in the world and that they had not known how to defend it».

    One of the main criticisms of Narcos is that it idealizes the figure of the trafficker, the villain, something that Pablo Escobar’s own son recognized, who believed that the fiction about his father had turned him into a hero, but for Ernesto Alterio this is not so, and has more to do with the «fascination of the viewer for «characters on the edge». «I think Narcos does not tend to idealize the drug lords, but it is a portrait of this world, it shows the rise and fall of the drug lords, they do not end well. It offers a portrait, and that produces fascination has to make us ask ourselves why we are so attracted to that, I think it has to do because they are people who move in the margins, «says the actor, who is living a golden moment thanks to Netflix and the success of films like Perfect Strangers, where we saw his most comic side again.Follow the topics that interest you

    Ernesto alterio reveals what it was like to join ‘las

    Lidia, Carlota, Ángeles and Marga (aka Blanca Suárez, Ana Fernández, Maggie Civantos and Nadia de Santiago), our cable girls, return to our lives this December with the second season of the series that conquered us last April. The protagonists will live new stories, new beginnings and new endings and, in this second installment of another 8 chapters, we will also meet new characters (actors such as Andrea Caballo, Ernesto Alterio and Antonio Velázquez join the cast).