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    Clinica santa elena adeslas


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    Clinica santa elena adeslas

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    During the beginning of the 80’s, an annex building was built, at which time the Hospital Clínica Santa Elena became a 79-room hospital with an intensive care unit, a diagnostic imaging unit and an outpatient area.

    The excellence demonstrated by the Hospital Clínica Santa Elena in personalized care, the use of the most innovative technologies and the comfort of both the patient and his family during his stay, is achieved thanks to the fact that it is a private clinic focused on providing patients and their relatives with the highest quality care and personal services, basing its good performance on the management of accumulated experience, knowledge of the medical environment and active listening to the patient.

    The Hospital Clínica Santa Elena has performed more than 9,000 interventions, of which more than 5,000 required hospitalization. In addition, it is a hospital with a strong social commitment, carrying out numerous solidarity collaborations with the San José Religious Institute, where it contributes a large part of the resources it generates.

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    With more than 30 specialties, Santa Elena incorporates in its medical team doctors with great experience and training in places ranging from the United States and London to the most renowned national hospitals, both in public and private medicine.

    Our entire center is prepared to offer the best health service in the province of Malaga on the Costa del Sol. We know that being in a hospital is not at all pleasant, so we want to keep one of our usual characteristics, making it possible to feel at home, receiving the best professional treatment, in addition to enjoying the best facilities, whose renovation is already being carried out.

    Recent incorporations from public and private hospitals of the closest environment, make this new project the best offer in the Costa del Sol and Province of Malaga of a cohesive team, whose main objective is the comprehensive care of each patient and the proximity that allows us to attend each case with the necessary time and rigor. In short, Hospital Santa Elena is a benchmark of proximity without waiting and high resolution capacity, thanks to its first class medical staff, highly coordinated to enable comprehensive patient care from different specialties, to make this possible, only the 12 heads of service of the most recurrent specialties have more than 300 years of experience and are part of a team with more than 30 clinical areas. Our purpose is to have the best professionals, the most advanced technology, a process of improvement and cutting-edge training and a high commitment of each and every one of the more than 100 members of the nursing team, technical areas and Administration.

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    Thus, in its decision, it considers it proven that on August 1, 2000, the plaintiff went, through Adeslas S.A., her health insurance company, to the Clínica Santa Elena, owned by the Instituto de Religiosas San José de Girona, to be assisted in the delivery of her pregnancy.

    The baby was admitted to this center in a neurological coma, requiring assisted respiration. After undergoing several tests, she was diagnosed with irreversible hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, caused by an absence of oxygenation and blood flow for at least 10 minutes.

    As a result of this injury, the newborn was irreversibly prostrated, unable to move or fend for herself, and requiring the constant and permanent assistance of third parties for the most essential acts of life, having to be fed by means of a feeding tube.

    The five defendants alleged that neither the pregnancy nor the delivery of the plaintiff was normal, since she suffered from an infection, which, in the magistrate’s opinion, is statistically very frequent in pregnant women.

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    4 CLÍNICA SANTA ELENA Clínica Santa Elena is a private, religious hospital whose mission is to provide its patients and users with the highest quality care and personal service. 2

    2010 Annual Report CLÍNICA SANTA ELENA Instituto de Religiosas de SAN JOSÉ DE GERONA Instituto de Religiosas de San José de Gerona www.irsjg.org Clínica Santa Elena La Granja, 8 28003 Madrid Tel. 91 453 94 00

    Zaragoza Hospital Viamed Santiago Huesca The hospital offers its patients a quality medical service and has all the care services of a first-class clinic: 02 HOSPITALIZATION 3 floors of

    2007 Annual Report CLÍNICA SANTA ELENA Instituto de Religiosas de SAN JOSÉ DE GERONA Instituto de Religiosas de San José de Gerona www.irsjg.org Clínica Santa Elena La Granja, 8 28003 Madrid Tel. 91 453 94 00

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