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    Ace attorney trials and tribulations guia


    Nov 15, 2021
    Ace attorney trials and tribulations guia

    ace attorney: trials and tribulations (eng) -part 1

    Mia hides some important documents inside the statue of «The Thinker» that she will use as evidence for a future trial, and asks her sister Maya if she can keep them at her house for a while. Maya says yes and they meet at the office that same night at 9 o’clock.

    After hanging up the phone, a man related to the documents shows up and discovers that Mia has hidden them inside the statuette. As his intention is to steal them, he takes the statue, but first he hits Mia with it, leaving her lying on the floor in a pool of blood to avoid leaving any witnesses. After a while, Phoenix appears and finds Mia dead.

    After this conversation, Phoenix realizes that the killer is White. As White knows influential people, he calls the attorney general and makes it appear that the murderer is Phoenix. At that moment Inspector Gumshoe appears, arrests Phoenix and releases Maya.

    Phoenix seems to be lost, but suddenly Mia appears (it’s not really Mia, it’s Mia’s voice speaking through Maya’s body). By talking to her, she will give you a clue and the «Receipt» in the trial record will be updated.

    guide ace attorney justice for all

    A new video game of the ‘Ace Attorney’ saga arrives to Nintendo 3DS, this time in compilation format with the three Nintendo DS video games of the ‘Phoenix Wright’ saga for Nintendo’s portable. A trilogy in a single game and at a good price, but like ‘Dual Destinies’, arrives in digital format and completely in English. An unworthy way to bring such great works to our territory, and a burden for its success especially in our country.

    Capcom offers us ‘Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy’ on Nintendo 3DS, a succulent morsel for fans as well as for any lover of the video game world and, specifically, of graphic adventures and puzzles. But like Snow White’s apple, this appetizing delicacy in principle has a catch: it does not arrive as it did in its day, in perfect Spanish and in its box, but it does so completely in English and in digital format. An impediment, no doubt, for both fans of the original and those who want to play it for the first time to dare with this new release.

    Ace attorney trials and tribulations guia del momento

    It was an anime-style visual novel that was an unexpected success (the first installment was released with a team of only 7 people and in just over ten months). And the sales justified that it became a very prolific saga.

    After following the career of Phoenix Wright, and the «spin offs» starring the lawyers Miles Edgeworth and Apollo Justice (plus a «crossover» with Professor Layton) we travel back in time to meet Ryunosuke Nahurodo, the protagonist of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

    This compilation of two games: The Great Ace Attorney Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, offers us 10 cases in total (a total of more than 50 hours), which are developed as text adventures.

    Our main task, as defense counsel, is to investigate evidence and listen to witnesses throughout the proceedings. Ryunosuke must find inconsistencies in their statements, which will help him to defend the innocence of his clients.

    Ace attorney trials and tribulations guia 2021

    Justice for All was officially released on April 20, 2007, and as those of you familiar with the series will know, it doesn’t include bonus episodes that try to take full advantage of the Nintendo DS’s features. This second Nintendo DS Phoenix Wright presents us with four new cases in which the dual mechanics of pre-trial investigation will be followed to the letter, visiting the crime scene, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and then moving on to the courtroom, where we are required to keep our eyes peeled to press witnesses about certain aspects of their statements, throwing down their possible tribulations through the presentation of evidence, or even character profiles, undoing the most solid arguments by opening a series of locks that close the way to the truth, always with the difficulty of having a bar of «life» that will be emptied as we present irrelevant evidence, or fail to break the aforementioned locks.