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    Animal crossing happy home designer guia


    Nov 10, 2021
    Animal crossing happy home designer guia

    animal crossing new leaf – welcome amiibo guide

    NFC Happy Home Designer Reader was produced by Aya Kyogoku and Hisashi Nogami, with directing credits by Isao Moro, and is the first Animal Crossing title to have a production company, the second being Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, also produced by Kyogoku. It is also the first time that Katsuya Eguchi, producer of Animal Crossing: Wild World, City Folk and New Leaf, and director of all other previous Animal Crossing titles, has not played a major role in development. Co-producer Hisashi Nogami, who has served as director for nearly every title to date, returns to the series after his absence during the development period of Animal Crossing: New Leaf (during which he was producing Splatoon).

    what is animal crossing: new leaf about?

    Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a simulation game where you must build and decorate a whole town and its inhabitants’ houses. Unlike other Animal Crossing games, with Happy Home Designer the action is focused on decoration and leaves aside the life in the village. Now the furniture and accessories are very easy to get because you work in a real estate agency that provides you with everything you need to make your customers happy.

    Choose a plot of land and act as a builder and landscaper by customizing the house and garden. Then decorate the interior. You will be able to do it with complete comfort, because you will only need the touch screen controls to move furniture from one side to another, change floors, wallpaper walls… In short, you can decorate the house from floor to ceiling, without even batting an eyelid! Unleash your imagination and interpret the guidelines given by each animal in your own way, but don’t forget to include their favorite objects in your project!

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    This Animal Crossing game is not a game of the main series, but a new game derived from the original Animal Crossing. This time the game focuses exclusively on decorating buildings. However, you can quickly start decorating houses with a multitude of elements and you will soon get many more. You will be able to make real works of art very quickly and easily.

    You have to update the game to version 2.0 (the update is available from the same day the game is on sale). When you do so, a laptop will appear on Nuria’s desk that gives you access to the Portal.

    You must go to visit the character in the house you want to renovate and talk to him, although at first he will only greet you and will be happy that you visit him. Return more times to his house and talk to him each time you do so. In one of these later visits, it will be him who will ask you to help him do the renovation. You will be able to choose between changing the decoration and even extending the house with a new room.

    happy home designer new leaf

    Perhaps one of Happy Home Designer’s best contributions is the placement of furniture in each room. Dropping and moving them by hand as in any Animal Crossing would have been exhausting, but here a floor plan of the room appears on the touch screen and there are indicators of what type of object it is and whether or not something can be placed on top of it. This makes it very easy to rotate and move all the furniture around with the stylus.

    Very convenient is also the fact that the view is further away than in other games in the series, and you can zoom in as much as you want with the stylus, and move the camera by rotating around the room. The game includes a camera to see how the decoration is looking from the height of the characters and you can even take pictures, but it only captures a part of the scene.

    Happy Home Designer would be a good game with any other aspect, but there is no doubt that having included it within the Animal Crossing world is an undeniable asset. The characters give it a special charm and it’s wonderful to build for the neighbors the house you’ve always wanted for them. We love the excited jumping of the character when we tell him that we have finished the decoration.