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    Attack on titan 2 final battle


    Nov 7, 2021
    Attack on titan 2 final battle

    attack on titan 2: final battle

    KOEI TECMO Europe is pleased to announce that AOT 2: Final Battle, the colossal action game based on the worldwide anime phenomenon ‘Attack on Titan’, is now available. Players are invited to equip their omni-mobility gear and join the battle against the devastating titans on PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch ™,Xbox One (including Xbox One X) and PC via steam®.

    Players ready to join the fight in AOT 2: Final Battle can still get a variety of bonuses. Purchasing the game, in physical or digital version, on any platform within the first month of release will unlock the «Queen Story» costume for Christa, «Young Man’s Coat» for Kenny, «Simple Clothes (Underground City)» for Levi and the «One Piece Dress» costume for Mikasa. To redeem them, all you have to do is visit the respective platform’s digital store and redeem the free bonuses at the end of July.

    AOT 2: Final Battle will be available as a standalone adventure for fans who have already purchased AOT2 (so they can start the battle directly from season 3) or as a full game for all those who have never played the previous title and want to start from the beginning.

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    A.O.T. 2: Final Battle for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch builds on the frenetic action for which the saga is famous, and also includes many new and exciting mechanics. This pack will not only include the events of season 1 and 2 of the Attack of the Titans anime through the point of view of a created character (A.O.T. 2), it also includes the central story of season 3 from the point of view of some fan-favorite characters. Strap on the Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear and get ready to take on all the situations from the popular anime series like never before. FEATURES:

    Dear customer, we inform you that we continue to provide services through our website and you can continue to make your purchases. You will receive your order at home in the same way that has been done so far.

    Dear customer, we inform you that we continue to provide services through our website and you can continue to make your purchases. You will receive your order at your home address in the same way that has been done so far.

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    Considering that the key activity is cited to work with these types of technicians, beginners will not have to wait for it.  Here as well as in other modalities you can also habitually use substances along the devices.  Within the initial 50 percent specifically, it is usually towards people opponents, which often completely changes the fight.  Unlike titans, humans will be more compact, quicker and will not remain in a person’s location, which often requires timely responses.  There is often the opinion that anime in addition to manga are primarily aimed at youngsters in addition to teenagers.  However, this is simply not the case, as Assault on Titan clearly shows.

    Thunder asparagus spears turn out to be a powerful weapon which you can unleash even in the worst situations.  This key is intended to be activated around the European Continent Steam merchandise.

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    So, while the base game of Attack on Titan 2 covered the first two seasons of the anime, that is, from the fall of Shiganshina to the Duel of the Titans, the new expansion Final Battle introduces the events of season 3 of the series as the setting for the game: the arcs of The Coup d’Etat and The Return to Shiganshina.

    What does this mean? To begin with, in the inclusion of two new game modes, specifically dedicated to the new story arcs narrated in the anime. And, to continue, in a new arsenal for players to go outside the walls, armed to the teeth, to hunt titans.

    Let’s start by talking about the main course, which is that we will be able to enjoy new weapons in practically ANY game mode, unless there are reasoned restrictions. Now, the player can use two types of weaponry throughout the games.

    This second type of weaponry basically consists of two pistols with different types of interchangeable ammunition (equippable in the consumable slots). The guns allow us to destroy parts of Titan from afar, using the distance to our advantage.