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    Dynasty warriors 9 analisis


    Nov 12, 2021
    Dynasty warriors 9 analisis

    11:50dynasty warriors 9 gameplay (ps4 hd) [1080p60fps]thronefulyoutube – 13 feb 2018

    The combat system is not very different from what we are used to seeing in the saga: simple to learn and master. The basic offensive actions are fluid attacks and reactive attacks. The first ones are for quick combos and can be constantly crushed and adapt to the enemy’s position -whether on the ground, on the ground or in the air-. Combined with jumping, it will be easy to take down the most common opponents in Dynasty Warriors 9.

    We won’t go too deep into the elements that are maintained with respect to past Dynasty Warriors, because basically the best and worst remains the same. That is, the low artificial intelligence of the opponents will hardly put us resistance and only those sub-bosses or bosses with a little more health require a little more elaborate strategy.

    We do not believe that Koei Tecmo has signed up to the «fashion» of the open world with Dynasty Warriors 9 for free. It feels like the natural evolution for a game that deals with the conquests and wars in China, and it enhances one of the fundamental themes on which the whole saga revolves: the huge scale. So, while many other musou have featured large combat maps, now the feeling of accepting the mission, seeing the loading screen and appearing in a large but delimited area is eliminated.

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    In that sense, don’t expect too many changes; the story is what it is, and it doesn’t pretend to surprise the veterans of the saga. That said, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is an exciting story, full of conflicts, betrayals and memorable characters (something like the Cantar del Mio Cid, but in a different way), and no matter how many times we relive it, because it is always epic.

    In addition, as we progress we unlock new regions quite varied (jungles, deserts, snowy areas…), and around the world we find representations of cities of the time, camps, castles and other locations that give «life». As in many other games of the style, we can undertake the missions in different order following the classic pattern of: NPC gives us a mission > we go to the designated location > we complete the objectives > we return to the NPC to collect the reward.

    All this applies to the Dynasty formula like a glove. For example, we can face secondary missions that positively affect the main ones (those that advance the plot), for example, creating new strategic opportunities that facilitate the battle. Because despite its reputation as a «button masher», Dynasty Warriors has a great tactical component, being able to choose in some cases how we face the missions: attacking from an elevated position, infiltrating at night, launching us «in the rough»…

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    Because of this sense of immobility demonstrated by Koei Tecmo, when Dynasty Warriors 9 was announced in December 2016, the first details of the game aroused an unusual level of curiosity. Omega Force intended to introduce an open-world structure to the installment, something unprecedented in the series that would revolutionize many aspects of the experience. Now after spending an enormous amount of hours playing the game on PlayStation 4 Pro and PC, one thing is clear: Dynasty Warriors has never been closer to an action RPG than it is right now.

    The new ‘Dynasty Warriors’ is more like an RPG.The change in approach in Dynasty Warriors 9 not only affects the battle areas, it also impacts the entire game in a variety of ways, both in combat, the way the story is told and in the augmentation of some features that were present before, but here become more common and affect the player’s experience. It does so with the historical accuracy provided by the setting of The Three Kingdoms, one of the most important works of Chinese literature, from the point of view of 83 different characters spread across different factions.

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    The plot is quite interesting, but what we liked the most is that we have the freedom to choose how to proceed through each chapter, either by completing the missions or traveling freely through the terrain to reach the final goal. In addition, following the story is made more enjoyable by the fact that the texts are translated into Spanish. As is logical, not all characters are available from the beginning, so we have to complete other stories to unlock them.

    Dynasty Warriors 9 is a musou-style action game that this time has a huge open world to explore to offer a completely new experience to fans of the franchise. Here you will find lots of tasks to perform, whether they are main, secondary or simply collection to try to strengthen our characters with new equipment.

    Its mechanics have evolved with respect to past installments of the franchise, although they are very accessible and it won’t take you long to learn them. Here we have a strong and a weak attack that, combined even with jumps, give rise to different combos, as well as the possibility of using the Musou Attack when the yellow indicator is filled. There is a stamina meter that limits how many times we can lunge, dodge, make boosted jumps or run, although it recharges only with the passage of time. In addition we can set the camera on the officers of each group and call our horse to travel long distances, gaining more importance than ever this time for its large world.