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    Lonely mountains: downhill


    Nov 10, 2021
    Lonely mountains: downhill

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    I must admit that this first contact took me a lot of tries and a little frustration, I did not feel this since my first Dark Souls. No, I will not fall into comparing them, since they have nothing to do… In essence after a little practice the controls are comfortable and very intuitive at all times. It is really fun to fly.

    The methodology chosen to reach new routes is simple (or not so simple). Through time challenges, accident limits and other combinations we access new routes. Although it is not so simple, because each new route requires a first descent of exploration and then repeat the same section with the challenges that we decide to activate. This part could make it somewhat repetitive, since it is not always easy to meet the objectives in one go and you have to repeat the section over and over again until you perfect your technique, but Lonely Mountains Downhill has solutions for everything.

    In terms of customization, Lonely Mountains Downhill has a small list of bikes and outfits to unlock. In order to get them we must take on challenges and overcome them. Each bike offers statistical variations, as some will be more stable while others will offer more speed. It may not be expressly mandatory to choose the best bike for each section, but it can help a lot. Each bike requires you to collect the related collectibles. In other words, it is not as simple as overcoming a challenge and receiving a bike, but rather collecting the 6, 8 or the necessary pieces until you have the whole bike and can use it.

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    As you progress through Lonely Mountains, the above will become increasingly familiar, but thanks to Megagon Industries’ very correct decision, the addition of an instant restart in case of failure only serves to add to the addiction. Not since Geometry Wars 2 and Trials have I squeezed the pad so hard, muttering singular obscenities aloud as I restart my run.

    From a presentation perspective, the game is wonderfully simplistic, with beautiful colors and hues throughout. I played this on both an Xbox One S, where performance was limited to 30fps and even then, some crashes, which was disappointing. However, on PC, the game performed flawlessly, giving me a wonderful 144FPS, compatible with my 32: 9 monitor with ease. Delicious.

    Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a relaxing and exhilarating change to most games of its nature, as well as being a game that requires precision, skill and patience to get the most out of it. Either way, I highly recommend you pick this up, I haven’t screamed «F ** K!» at my screen when I’ve been wrong about this all-generation seriousness.

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    It is a formidable target, capable of causing addiction. Daniele Nardi had long since surrendered to its brutal charms. The Italian not only wanted to open this unfathomable route, he wanted to do it in a light and daring style, and during the harsh winter of Karakorum. For many, it was a temerity. Simone Moro, who along with Alex Txikon and Ali Sadpara crowned Nanga Parbat in winter for the first time ever in 2016, has described that ambition as «Russian roulette,» something that should not be attempted. For Nardi it meant something else: «I would like to be remembered as a young man who tried to do something incredible, impossible, and yet didn’t give up. If I didn’t come back the message I would leave my son would be this: don’t stop don’t give up, get going, because the world needs better people who will make peace a reality and not just an idea…it’s worth doing.»

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    This is how we arrived at Cerro Panul, in the heart of the foothills of La Florida. Dozens of athletes and entire families were going to enjoy a sunny day, which started very cold but gradually became warmer not only in the ambient temperature but also in the mood of the participants.

    We climbed on foot for a little less than an hour, with bicycles on our backs (let’s say it, quite heavy), watching how the snow was melting and transforming the track into the best grip of the week.

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