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    Wonder boy: the dragons trap


    Nov 15, 2021
    Wonder boy: the dragons trap

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    El juego tiene lugar después de los acontecimientos de Wonder Boy en la Tierra de los Monstruos, en la que Wonder Boy ha sido maldecido por el Dragón Mecha y debe localizar la Cruz de la Salamandra para levantarla. El juego no es lineal y presenta diferentes paisajes por los que los jugadores deben navegar. Los jugadores encuentran objetos y pistas necesarias para acceder a diferentes partes de Monster Land, y pueden transformarse en otras formas y obtener diferentes habilidades.

    Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap recibió grandes elogios de las revistas de videojuegos en su lanzamiento. Fue alabado por sus gráficos coloridos y de dibujos animados, su riqueza sonora y sus diversos efectos de sonido, y su variada y adictiva jugabilidad. Las críticas incluyen el parpadeo de los sprites en la versión de Master System, así como los controles resbaladizos. Ganó el premio al «Mejor Juego del Año» de Electronic Gaming Monthly para la Master System en 1989. Las críticas de las revistas de videojuegos han descrito el juego como uno de los mejores títulos de Master System y de 8 bits de todos los tiempos.

    Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap tiene lugar inmediatamente después de los acontecimientos de Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy viaja a la guarida del Mecha Dragon para matarlo. (Algunas fuentes se refieren a esta criatura como el «dragón MEKA».[1][2]) Sin embargo, al hacerlo, sufre una maldición que lo transforma en «Lizard-Man». En el juego, el jugador controla al Chico Maravilla mientras intenta deshacer esta maldición viajando a través de la tierra, derrotando a otros dragones y, finalmente, derrotando al Dragón Vampiro para obtener la Cruz de la Salamandra, el único objeto que puede eliminar su maldición[3].

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    After finishing with the dragon, he uses a trap that transforms us into a kind of lizard, so the dragon’s adventure is over, and begins a new one in which we will have to recover our form. To do this we will have to kill more dragons, which will give us access to new forms, until we finally return to being human. There are no twists, no surprises: it is an excuse to start an adventure, and in that sense, it works very well.

    Accessing new areas to continue the game or find secrets that give us access to money or health upgrades is quite satisfying. In addition, it is satisfying to discover where to continue with each new way, since the game does not indicate in any way the place where to advance to the next level. We will have to be the ones who, by exploring, find the right path. This is something that I liked, although I can understand why some people might get frustrated if they get stuck.

    On the other hand, now when we die we will return to the village, keeping our items and gold, but losing the spells. This can be annoying when a final boss kills us and we have to go through a whole level again, but at the same time, it makes each level a challenge. There are three difficulty levels, and in the standard one, we are offered a very balanced challenge so that not everything is a walk in the park.

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    By using these skills, we can move through an open world full of inaccessible challenges at first, which seem to laugh in our faces while waiting for us to have the right move. This leads us to a development similar to the «metroidvania», which forces us to visit the same environments on different occasions, to open routes that were previously forbidden to us.

    In order to get these advantages, we collect money from defeated enemies and with it we visit the few stores in the game, each of which has very specific items. Enemies can also give us attack items, for us to use when it suits us: the fireball launches a straight line hit, the tornado falls to the ground and bounces between enemies, the arrow hits vertically and the scarce lightning strikes a blow to all enemies on screen. Hobbyconsolero tip: the key is to keep the boomerangs! You’ll thank us for it…

    The control has its pros and cons. It works reasonably accurately when jumping, but it has the problem that our character doesn’t move while we swing a sword. This causes a certain feeling that we are «petrified» before an imminent attack of the monsters and can leave us sold on more than one occasion. What is interesting is the use of the shield. Whenever we are facing an enemy and we are not attacking or flying, our shield will stop the projectiles they throw at us. In this way, we have to master a kind of choreography when attacking, covering ourselves and moving around.

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    Released by Lizardcube and DotEmu Wonder Boy The Dragon Trap for home consoles and PC, bringing players a high quality side-scrolling adventure. For those of you who have the game and want to cheat in the game, there are some cheats available.

    Wonder Boy The Dragon Trap Cheats basically allow you to run through the game with an infinite amount of coins, as well as an infinite amount of magic so you can easily use any type of magic you want to use.

    The game managed to become an unexpected hit by sporting a classic hand-drawn art style and a fully orchestrated soundtrack. You take on the role of a half-human, half-lizard mutant who was cursed by a Meka-Dragon and must go on a great adventure to reverse the curse.

    The cheat trainer only works for the PC version of the game, although Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap is available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. You can get a digital copy of the game from the Steam store for $19.99.