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    World of final fantasy analisis


    Nov 10, 2021
    World of final fantasy analisis

    final fantasy vii remake

    Before we start talking about Final Fantasy VII: Remake we must understand what the mako, or mako energy, is. In Final Fantasy VII we are introduced to Gaia as an entity capable of deciding what is best for the survival of the planet itself. So much so that the Life Stream is composed of spirits or souls of those who have passed away, creating new beings as a result, making there a flow of lives that are constantly renewed.

    Thanks to mako energy, Midgar is a prosperous city, so much so that it is considered the most advanced on the planet in terms of technology, so its citizens know it as «the city that never sleeps» as it is constantly illuminated by these huge reactors that extract mako energy and emit a flash of light similar to that which the sun is able to offer us.

    Mako energy provides the inhabitants of Midgar with the peace of mind of always having electricity at a very low price and, in addition, Shinra is able to provide employment to all the inhabitants of each of the sectors. Although, as in all cities, there are better qualified and therefore better paid jobs, although there are also others with worse conditions.

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    As it usually happens also in these successful franchises we soon saw how different titles were coming out based on characters of the same or even additional parts of the main installments that worked with a greater or lesser result. Today it’s my turn to tell you about an improved version of a title released in 2016 and that supposed to bring protagonists and classic monsters from the different installments in a completely new world, today I’m talking about World of Final Fantasy Maxima.

    Everyone wants to live a normal and peaceful life, this is something that is also desired by the two protagonists of this story who are the brothers Lann and Reynn. In fact, these two brothers were living in such a way until one day in their lives a being called Enna Kros crosses their path. She turns out to be the Goddess of the World and tells them that they are actually two great heroes who suffer from amnesia and have to recover their memory and save the world from a tragic prophecy.

    final fantasy vii remake review

    Story 9/10 :World of Final Fantasy takes place in a fantasy world full of magic, colorful but above all full of a totally childish script with certain references to adult language. The reason why I don’t give it a perfect score is because it comes dragging the same problems of its predecessors and is that the story itself although it is extremely well told sometimes lacks relevance or we do not learn much until almost the end of the game. Even so I give it a high score because the narrative and the script have seemed to me a true wonder that entertains at every moment, but above all it has made me laugh as I have not laughed for a long time when playing a video game, that is something that has been missing, in a world where all are dark and adult stories the truth is that it is invigorating to find a children’s game for adults.

    Reynn and Lann’s adventures take us through diverse landscapes, where they will encounter creatures known as «Mirages», which are nothing more than little animals with diverse offensive, defensive and magical capabilities. Part of the brothers’ objective is to capture these creatures, as they have been told that this will lead them to find out who they are. Each of these landscapes or terrains has its own story arc, with fantastic stories that although as I said before may not have much relevance to the main story, little by little they will tell us who these brothers are and why it is important that they get as many mirages as they can.

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    That the combat system of Final Fantasy VII Remake is a delight you can see for yourself, but for this to work we have at our disposal a large cast of materials, weapons and armor. In the case of materials, they can be attached to weapons and armor to make use of spells, skills and passive effects. There is a wide variety of types of materials (they can even be linked together to enhance their effects), from fire spells, electricity, healing or summoning, among many others. In the case of the invocations are fearsome beasts in which we can order to come to the aid of the group, these beasts will fight independently and execute great lethal attacks when they disappear.

    Note that the performance of Final Fantasy VII Remake is simply perfect, as this has a great fluidity and stability in the hardest fights in terms of elements and visual effects. It only fails in one aspect and that is in the loading of textures in exceptional moments, something that may end up being solved by a patch.