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    Zelda breath of the wild bestia divina


    Nov 6, 2021
    Zelda breath of the wild bestia divina

    Sekken zelda bazaar

    We are in the first dungeon of the game, unless you have taken another way, of course. As soon as you enter, shoot the enemy in the eye with an arrow to let you pass. After that, defeat the Miniguardian and shoot an arrow at the eye enemy underwater. This will allow you to access the area where the dungeon map is, although you will have to use a block of ice to lift the gate. Also, don’t forget the underwater chest, which you can grab with the Magnet.

    This is the area where you get the map, i.e. the Ground Floor. Here you will find the first terminal. To do this, turn the crank that you will see on the opposite wall of the map room. Once it reaches its top, you will have access to the checkpoint.

    Once you have done this, go up the hole and ascend the slope to reach the First Floor. The first thing you will see is a wheel that rotates by the impulse of a water jet. You have to freeze the mentioned jet when the terminal is in the lowest area. That way you will gain access to it to activate it. Now go out through the hole on the other side and go back up a slope. This time, the eye is at the top of the wall. Shoot it and you can pass without any problem.

    Blue flame zelda

    Eliminate a mini-guardian at the beginning, go up the ramp behind and shoot an arrow at a kind of eye that blocks the way with some evil debris. You will then be able to enter the main room of the beast.

    On the map you just got you will see the structure of the divine beast with five orange dots: the control terminals you have to activate now. In addition, on the map screen you will also be able to control the rotation of three rings located perpendicularly on the beast’s body. Move the left stick of the controller to select ring, press A to choose the quarters you want the rings to rotate (90 degrees each quarter), and press B to activate the movement, in that order (it’s not complicated, but at first it’s a bit of a mess).

    Then rotate the ring closest to the head of the beast a single quarter (90 degrees) so that the ramp you are on becomes horizontal, and you will have access to a walkway where the first terminal is located.

    Zelda: breath of the wild guide

    The four divine beasts are ancestral weapons created by the sheikah tribe. Only the four chosen ones could control them, but they all succumbed to the power of Ganon, who took possession of them.

    Daruk, of the Goron tribe, piloted the divine beast Vah Rudania. Revali, of the Orni tribe, piloted the divine beast Vah Medoh. Mipha, of the zora tribe, controlled the divine beast Vah Ruta, while Urbosa, of the gerudo tribe, piloted the divine beast Vah Naboris.

    The four tribes are located in different regions, and reaching their leaders and overcoming the dungeons where you retrieve the divine beasts takes quite some time and effort. So take each tribe as a separate storyline.

    Rudania, beast of fire

    A century before Breath of the Wild, a seer prophesied that Ganon’s return was inevitable, so King Rhoam and a team of sheikah archaeologists began unearthing the Divine Beasts and the other ancient relics. The king also decided, together with the inhabitants of Hyrule, to build a group of protective warriors, the Chosen, with the duty of piloting the Divine Beasts to keep Ganon’s seal.

    Meanwhile, other factors were also prepared for Ganon to be sealed: the choice of a Hyrule Knight to carry the Master Sword and for Princess Zelda to awaken her divine powers. When the preparation was finished, the time to fight Ganon arrived and the Chosen began piloting the Divine Beasts. Unfortunately, Ganon learned from his previous defeat, creating four ghostly extensions of him: Wrath of Ganon Water, Wrath of Ganon Wind, Wrath of Ganon Lightning and Wrath of Ganon Fire. With this, Ganon managed to corrupt the Divine Beasts and kill the Chosen in the process.